The Original Oven Plank

For a unique cooking experience, try the    “oven plank” as seen on Come Dine With Me   & Chris Evans Drive Time Show.

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You too can own one of the unique planks, each with it’s own individual handcrafted design. “The Plank gives a delicious taste and aroma and cooks food to perfection. I have had mine for over 25 years now and it is still as good today as it was the first time I used it” says Come Dine With Me winner Jane Bates. Impress your guests with your very own oven plank and enjoy for years to come!

The oven plank was first created in 1981 after Jane had seen a similar technique being used by a TV chef. To her disappointment she was unable to purchase a plank of her own and that’s when husband Dave stepped in creating the oven plank she used on channel 4’s hit show Come Dine With Me. “I am convinced the plank helped me win Come Dine with Me, as the guests were bowled over by the novelty and the delicious aroma and taste!” says Jane.

Each plank is selected from the finest seasoned oak and then individually handcrafted making it a charming product for every household. Not only does the plank give a unique flavouring to your menu but it is a healthy way of cooking and is also great as a serving board,  guaranteed to make an impression at every dinner party!

The oven plank is approximately 11” by 14” and can easily cook up to 6-8 steaks. It can also be used to cook fish and poultry.

Each oven plank comes complete with care instructions and some of Jane’s recipes.